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Route Map

rout map  

   _____ Yellow Route  Yalta - Sevastopol  ~ 100 km
   _____ Red Route      Sevastopol - Bakhchisaray ~ 50 km
   _____ Red Route      Sevastopol - Simferopol / Airport ~ 90 km
   _____ Blue Route     Yalta - Simferopol / Airport ~ 100 km
   _____ Green Route   Yalta - Bakhchisaray (via mountains) ~ 95 km
   _____ Violet Route   Balaclava - Bakhchisaray ~ 50 km


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Sergey Tsarapora Private Guide

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Sergey Tsarapora Yalta - Sevastopol Private GuideOne cannot thoroughly know Yalta, if he is not in  the company of the private guide Sergey Tsarapora. As soon as I reached the entrance door in the port of Yalta, after leaving the ship, I met Sergey, with his dark glasses, and I introduced myself as beeing the ¨first time I meet a Russian with the title of SIR¨. In fact Sergey Tsarapora, proved to be very friendly, and kind, and most of all, an excellent driver.
As soon as we left the port he went throught the city, showing us all and explaining the way of life here. He took us, my wife and I, to Swallow´s Nest, Livadia, and the castle (my memory is weak and I forget the name by the moment) anyway, I got to know one of the most intriguing episodes of the 2nd World War, the Yalta Conference.
Private guide Sergey Tsarapora told the story with such perfection that I felt that the happening had been the week before! He knows the story and Sergey knows what he is talking about. The hours we spent with him were fantastic and we enjoyed every minute of it.
I hope he comes to Brasil one day and than I will try and mach him!