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Путешествие в античность. Пантикапей

Керчь: царство пролива
Крым шагнул в античность в VI веке до н. э., когда древнегреческие колонисты основали Феодосию и Пантикапей, находившийся на территории нынешней Керчи. Строителями первых городов на территории нынешней России были выходцы из Милета - крупного полиса, лежавшего на восточном берегу Эгейского моря, на территории нынешней Турции. Жители Милета раскинули сеть своих колоний на всем побережье Черного моря: от нынешних Трапезунда и Синопа до Констанцы и Варны. Керченский пролив представлял для них особый интерес как ворота в Азовское море и путь к торговле с народами, жившими на берегах Дона. ...

Путешествие в античность. Херсонес

На крымском берегу уже 26 веков назад кипела жизнь - здесь находились десятки городов и античных поселений. Более 2 тысяч лет назад прибрежные земли Крыма были разделены между демократическим Херсонесским полисом и Боспорским царством.
Херсонеситы владели западным побережьем Крыма, а влияние боспорских правителей распространялось на Таманский полуостров, берега Азовского моря и нижнее течение Дона. ...

Ukraine Facts. Ukraine-born People. Famous Ukrainians

One of the most remarkable composers of the XX century, virtuous pianists and conductor Sergei Prokofiev was born in Donetsky region, Ukraine. He was fond of music from 5 years, and had already written his first plays in the age of 9. Prokofiev had graduated Conservatory of Petersburg, and since 1908 started to give the concerts with his own compositions. In 1918 he emigrated to USA. Till 1936, before his returning to USSR, Prokofiev had been successfully going on tour all around USA, Cuba, Japan and Europe. He died in 1953, being National artist of USSR, and created 11 operas and 7 ballets (several were written for Dyagilev's troop) among great quantity of his instrumental, vocal and symphonic music. ...

Die Denkmaler Von Jalta. Ansicht der Sowjetischen Geschichte

Die Popularität von Jalta als einem der erstklassigen Klimakurorte hat schon längst die Grenzen unseres Landes überschritten. Weit und breit sind auch die Umgebungen der Kurstadt bekannt- Gursuf, Massandra, Liwadija, Gaspra, Koreis, Alupka, SimeTs und Foros. Alljährlich nimmt diese Zone der Gesundheit über zwei Millionen Menschen zur Erholung und Heilung auf. Tausende von ausländischen Gästen, Touristen und Ausflüglern besuchen auch gern die Stadt Jalta.
Nicht selten nennt man die Hauptstadt der Krimkurortc mit ihren malerischen Umgebungen eine Perle, eine Schwarzmeerschönheit, ein Zauberland. Jalta ist aber nicht nur eine berühmte Kurstadt. Das ist eine Stadt mit reichster Vergangenheit, mit erstaunlich interessanter und an Ereignissen reicher Geschichte. ...

The Crimea is the World in Miniature

The Crimea has a bit more than 2 million peopie of the population. Yet, over 100 nationalities are represented here. And such ethnic diversity is again a factor of the peninsula history, but, this time, human history.
Who has not lived on its territory! Evidence of primitive man settlement dating back to Neanderthal period (Kiik-Koba Cave, about 100,000 years ago), more than 100 Stone Age sites (40,000 - 5,000 B.C.) have been identified here. The Crimean steppes abound in big and small mounds of later periods, Copper and Bronze Ages (3,000 - 2,000 B.C.). Mangup, one of the most ancient cave towns, was inhabited as far back as 6,000 years ago. And the last inhabitants left it only the late 18th century! ...


Not many places in the world can meet the demanding geographical, climatic and landjcape requirements of a health resort. Yalta is one of them.
Here, in the very centre of the southern coast of the Crimea, the Most High create a harmony helping to restore one's health and strength, filling soul with joy and peace. ...

Aristocratic Yalta, Queen of the Velvet Season

Yalta is more aristocratic and standoffh than its South Coast's neighbour Alushta. It is the Crimea's most renowned
city and, undoubtedly, one of the world's most spectacular cities. It is a century and a half ago that Yalta became one of the most popular and fashionable resorts. Since the imperial family chose Livadia as their summer residence in the mid 19th century, Yalta became not just a fashionable, but prestigious resort. It was affordable only for wealthy enough people. ...

Europe in World War 2 and Ukrainian Territory (1935-1945)

During World War II, Ukrainian became an area of of German - Polish and German - Soviet conflicts.
On August 23, 1939 Germany and Russia signed a pact, which provided for the division of Poland and the annexation of the Baltic states by the USSR. On September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland. German armies occupied the western and central parts of Poland and the Soviets took Ukrainian and Belorusian territories within a matter of three weeks. The boundary between German and Soviet territories was fixed at the Sian - Solokia - Buh Rivers — the Sian region (Posiannia), the Lemko region and western Pidliassia (Pidlissia) under German control while the rest went to the Soviet Union, which incorporated the territory into the Ukrainian SSR, except for the northern part of Polissia, which was joined to the Belorussian SSR. In an agreement between the USSR and Rumania on June 28, 1940, northern Bukovyna and Bessarabia were ceded to the USSR. Northern Bukovyna and the Khotyn, Akkerman and Izmail counties of Bessarabia were incorporated into the Ukrainian SSR. The remaining portion of Bessarabia was constituted as an autonomous region within the Ukrainian SSR as the Moldavian ASSR. ...

Ukraine - Independent State Since 1991

The proclamation of the restablishment of Ukraine`s independence August 24, 1991, which was confirmed overwhelmingly in a national referendum December 1, 1991 (91% Of the population of Ukraine voting for independence) was the culmination of the liberation struggle started by Ukrainian cossacks in the early part of the 17th century and continued until the present.
The immediate circumstances leading to this momentous step were M. Gorbachev's initiation of "glasnost" and reforms within the USSR. Originally these reforms were started as an attempt to save the power of the Cominunist Party and the Soviet Union. However, these reforms had the opposite effect. Subjugated nations within the USSR seized this opportunity to free themselves from both Communist and Russian oppression. ...