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St. Michael the Archangel Church

Michael Archangel ChurchOreanda... An unparalleled perfect beauty: a picturesque shoreline, an old park, the murmur of the tide and seagull over the waves... And - silence around the Saint Michael the Archangel Church. Enchanting, romantic and misterious...

It was exactly here that the first estate of the Romanovs on the South Coast was laid out. The part of Oreanda, acquired for Alexander the First, was called Nizhnyaya (Lower) Oreanda. A splendid palace was erected there, but its fate turned out to be tragic: in 1881 it burnt down. Stones of the burnt palace were used to construct a temple whose bell have been breaking the unique Oreanda`s silence up till now.

In the middle of the 19th centiry in Oreanda there was laid out a park, one of it`s kind. The terraces going down to the sea front are planted with laurel shrubs, fig-trees and pomegranates, majestic oaks and elms. Today Oreanda`s park houses the Nizhnyaya Oreanda Sanatorium which have been constructed to be used as a place for recreation and cure for the former Soviet Union`s government members.

The great ones of this world knew where to spend their holidays.

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