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Swallow`s Nest

Sergey Tsarapora Yalta Sevastopol Private Guide

There are many roads running in various directions away from Yalta which were built by engineers and builders in the first half of the 19th century. Going along them fills the curious traveler with pleasure. Around each bend of the road, bewitching views, unique landscapes, and delightful pictures come into view. The road running west from Yalta to Sevastopol is particularly picturesque. All along the road shaggy wave their branches to you and gray dented rocks, looking like the backs of elephants, accompany you as you drive near to the coast and sparkling azure sea.
Beyond one of the bends, you will see a small architectural masterpiece, a symbol of Crimea - the castle called "Swallow's Nest", stuck precariously on Aurora rock. This elegant castle jutting out 38 meters over the sea was built by the Russian architect. A.Sherwood for Baron Von- Schteingel an industrialist in 1912. Today the local small art gallery is inside.

Swallow`s Nest is the most famous symbol of the Crimea. It is located on the cliff Aurora of St. Theodor Cape, between Yalta and Alupka township in the middle distance (on about 15 km from the Yalta dock and downtown.

Constructed on early 20th century in period of Russian monarchy, it was restored and reconstructed in 1960/70th at the Soviet times, the Swallow`s Nest, apparently is the most visited, recognizable and romantic site of Ukraine.

Not very long history of this object (it is very-very young as for Crimean history with it`s 2,500 years of civilization), the Swallow`s Nest has many intersting stories for practically any test of listeners.

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