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Inkerman Battle (1854)

Inkerman BattleInkerman Battle (1854)


The Eastern (Crimean) War of 1853-1856 took over one million lives. One hundred and fifty years ago hostilities were going on in the Balkan Mountains and Baltic countries, on the Beloye (White), Barentsovo Seas, the Pacific, the Caucasus and the Black Sea.
"Hard war has again cowered the Russia's name with glory, thanks to the military art, wholehearted bravery and ardent love to the homeland, shown by Nakhimov, Kornilov, Istomin, Vasilchikov, Khrulyov, Totleben (Russian Military Commanders), 16,000 Nakhimov soldiers, of whom 15.500 were killed, dozen thousands soldiers who fell in battle in Sevastopol and around Sevastopol". - wrote Russian historian and the Crimean War specialist, academician Eugene Tarle.