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Livadia Palace

Livadia PalaceKnown far and wide is the Big Livadia Palace, We have already mentioned the events connected with it. The palace was built in 1910 - 1911 for the last Russian Tsar from the design of the architect Nikolai Krasnov, the future academician. The emperor`s  summer residence was outlined and executed as an architectural complex consisting apart from the main building of the retinue`s quarters (1911), the palace of the Minister of the Court Fredericks (the early 1900) and a palace church.

As an architectural monument the Big Livadia Palace is ecclectic: the white building (built of Inkerman stone) bears the stamp of vatious influences which, bowever, owing to the skill of the architect, have been organically united and make a harmonious whole. Among these influences most of all the style of Italian Renaissance is felt, there are elements of Western Gothic, of Byzantine architecture and Arab east.


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