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Hello Sergey Tsarapora,
Sergey Tsarapora Crimea Private Guide in Yusupov PalaceEarlier this month, you provided a much enjoyed private tour for Pat & Mike Miller, Sally Miller and me which included a tour of Yusupov Palace during which we were escorted from room to room by a very friendly yellow cat.
You asked that I forward a copy of the photo that I took of you and Pat standing in front of a fine table onto which the cat had leaped in one of its many moves to gain attention.
The photo is attached. 
Thanks again, Sergey, for your excellent services as a private guide.
Jack Ferguson
c. Pat Miller, USA


 Hi Sergey,

Thank you! Thank you! We are not yet home, but we are awaiting our return flights, and I just had to thank you for a fantastic two days in Sevastopol and Yalta.
Everyone thought that the two stops were the highlights of our cruise and that your guides were outstanding. In fact, several in my group complained that our guides in later ports were nowhere as good as Sergey Tsarapora private guide and Natasha! You both really made the Crimea and your history come alive for us.
Needless to say, we shall be recommending you to future cruisers! 
Thanks again for everything, and I hope that if you or Natasha visit South Florida, you will get in touch with me.
Michelle Garbis, Florida

 Não se pode conhecer Yalta completamente sem a compania de guia privado Sergey Tsarapora

Logo na entrada do portão do porto de Yalta, conheci Sergey, e lhe relatei que era o primeiro russo com Sergey Private Guidetitulo de sir que eu conhecia. Ele se provou muito simpatico e foi dirigindo pela cidade nos explicando o modus vivendi dos Ukranianos.
Estivemos em Swallow´s Nest e nos outros palacios assim como no Livadia onde foi firmado pelos 3 grandes o fim da 2 guerra e a consequente divisão da Alemanha.
A historia foi contada com tanta perfeição que nos parecia que o acontecimento tinha sido ha uma semana!
Sergey Tsarapora guia privado conhece bem a historia, levou-nos tambem no monumento ao Lenin, de onde se tem uma vista panoramica da cidade.
Sergey é muito divertido nos deixa bem a vontade e é um excelente motorista.
Guihereme, Brasil 

Clive, Rory and I are now back in the UK, after our time in Ukraine. We wanted to say a very big thank you to Sergey Tsarapora private guide for all you did to make our trip to the Crimea so good. As well as the considerable help with travel and accommodation arrangements, we had a great experience on the tours with you. You really brought the rich and multi-levelled history and culture of the region to life through your interesting stories and insights – as well as your sense of humour, which we enjoyed!. We also appreciated all you did to make the balance of activities engaging for Rory as well as Clive and I . Rory is still talking about the submarine base and the panorama (both of which were incredible).   

We would have loved to do a third day, but in the heat we felt it would have been to much for Rory (and to be honest a stretch for our budget – our reality I’m afraid!) . Having said that we don’t feel we missed out, because the days we did with you created such valuable memories. We will have to return one day (September!) 

The train to Kiev was great. We enjoyed being in 3rd class with other returning holiday makers. And we managed to buy tickets to Varna from Kiev – ( we did risk booking in advance from agency in Moscow and had then sent DHL to hotel inKiev, which was fine – if you have any clients who need advice on how to do this we can tell them). 

Rory also says thank you, Sergey for the booklets, which are very good souvenirs.

You offer a great service like a private guide Sergey – no wonder you are so popular – we are lucky to have found you. We wish you and your family all the best.

Jackie Shaw, UK