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Sapun Hill


sevastop.sapunOn Sapun Hill, which is located between Sevastopol city and Balaclava suburb, you can be present in several periods of Crimean history at one time. Sapun Hill is a legendary place. All local people like this place for many reasons. First of all, very spectacular and panoramic view to all sides of horizon: seaside, Balaclava hills and valley, Crimean mountains, Sevastopol town and harbors. 

No wonder that Lord Raglan used this place like an observation point in 1854. I'm sure, you want to see also all around by his eyes view. In fact, from this place we can start the story about the Charge of the Light Brigade and Balaclava battlefield.
Another page of this historical and heroic place is WW2 period, when Sevastopol was blocked by Nazi army. 250 days and nights Soviet army, NAVY and civilians defended town heroically. Hitler's army lost only around Sevastopol more soldiers and officers, than in Poland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway together in 1939-1941. Sapun Hill was one of the main point of Soviet defenders in 1941-1942. Museum exposition is talking about for its' visitors.
In May 1944 German army also used Sapun Hill fortification place, when they want to stop Soviet army's attack. Many thousands people died here. From 1945, accordingly of local government  decision, there is an open air museum of Soviet military equipment and weapons on Memorial State Complex "Sapun Hill". Sergey Tsarapora private guide will show you legendary and the best tank of WW2 - T-34; first in the world's modern military history Soviet rocket launcher "Katysha" ("Stalin's organ" as Germans said); warships guns, artillery guns etc. Also a big Soviet granite memorial was erected here, and a little Christian chapel was constructed later.
Sergey Tsarapora private guide

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