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Ukraine - Independent State Since 1991

933638 200 150 sourceThe proclamation of the restablishment of Ukraine`s independence August 24, 1991, which was confirmed overwhelmingly in a national referendum December 1, 1991 (91% Of the population of Ukraine voting for independence) was the culmination of the liberation struggle started by Ukrainian cossacks in the early part of the 17th century and continued until the present.
The immediate circumstances leading to this momentous step were M. Gorbachev's initiation of "glasnost" and reforms  within the USSR. Originally these reforms were started as an attempt to save the power of the Cominunist Party and the Soviet Union. However, these reforms had the opposite effect. Subjugated nations within the USSR seized this opportunity to free themselves from both Communist and Russian oppression.
Ukraine lost its independence in the 14th century due to Mongol invasions and subsequent invasions by neighboring countries, who took advantage of Ukraine's weakened condition, resulting from incessant wars with the invading, hordes of nomads from the east. Ukraine recovered its independence in 1648, but lost it again towards the end of the 17th century to Polish and Russian aggression. Nonetheless, the liberation struggle continued and the desire to be an independent nation could never be suppressed.
Ukrainian independence was re-established (hiring 1917-1919 and lost again to Russian Communist and White Russian, Polish and Romanian aggression. A major contributing factor was that Western nations failed to grasp the importance of Ukrainian independence as a counter balance to Russian aggression. Nevertheless, the liberation struggle continued under the auspices of the OUN, contributing significantly to the rebirth of Ukraine.
Ukraine is now once again free to be, the master of her destiny. However, the struggle is not over, due to the danger posed by Russia, which nominally free and democratic, is still pursuing imperialistic policies, This is evident by Russian claims on Ukrainian territory (i.e., the Crimea, Donbas, etc.) and appropriation of assets, both military and civilian. In these difficult ti mes, Ukrainians have exhibited remarkable patience and steadfastness and are maintaining internal peace.
Ukraine, at present the seventh largest economic power in the world, has definitely a bright f uture ahead.

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